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Membership in the Association for Coroplastic Studies (ACoSt) is open to anyone with an interest in the study of terracotta figurines and other sculptural objects in clay. Although formed by classical archaeologists working at ancient sites around the Mediterranean and Black Sea areas, the ACoSt welcomes those scholars conducting research on terracotta figurines from other areas of the world, such as Central and South America, Africa, south-east Asia, and the Pacific rim. We also extend membership to colleagues in anthropology, history, and religious studies, among other disciplines.

To become a member please contact:
Professor Jaimee Uhlenbrock (uhlenbrj@newpaltz.edu)
and provide a brief sentence on your areas of interest

Souad Ait Salah Université de Lille-SHS souad.aitsalah@gmail.com Terracottas of north Greece

Marina Albertocchi

Ca' Foscari University, Venice


Terracottas of Sicily

Silvia Alfaye Villa University of Zaragoza silvia.alfaye@gmail.com Iberian terracottas
Alexandros Andreou University of Athens satyriskos@gmail.com Hellenistic and Roman terracotta figurines from the deposits around the Sanctuary of the Nymph at the South Slope of the Acropolis (Greece)

Rebecca Ammerman (ACoSt Executive Committee)

Colgate University


Terracottas from south Italy

Erica Morais Angliker

University of London


Terracottas from the Cyclades (Greece)

Hélène Aurigny   Aix-Marseille Université aurigny@mmsh.univ-aix.fr           Terracottas (technique, iconography and style) especially of Argos


Ellen Belcher John Jay College ebelcher@jjay.cuny.edu Prehistoric figurines from Anatolia and Northerne Mesopotamia

Angela Bellia

Università di Urbino angelabellia1@virgilio.it Figurative terracottas and musical iconography
Agnes Bencze Pázmány Péter Catholic University agneseb33@gmail.com Terracottas of south Italy
Geltrude Bizzaro Università degli studi di Napoli “L’Orientale” geltrudebizzarro@gmail.com Terracottas of south Italy
Barbara Bolognani Hebrew University of Jerusalem barbarabolognani@gmail.com Iron Age clay figurines from Karkemish, Lebanon and Israel
Heather Bowyer Arizona State University hbowyer@asu.edu Terracotta and bronze grotesque figurines from the Hellenistic periodErica Morais Angliker


Claudia Cenci Soprintendenza Archeologica del Veneto claudia.cenci@beniculturali.it Terracottas from the Gorga collection
Nicola Cucuzza University of Genoa Nicola.cucuzza@lettere.unige.it Minoan and Mycenaean figurines


Ghada Daher-Elmowy independent researcher reception@elmowy.com Terracotta figurines from Lebanon
Erin Darby
(ACoSt Treasurer)
University of Tennessee edarby1@utk.edu Terracottas from Israel
Vasileia Dimitrakopoulou University of Athens vassia7@gmail.com  Terracottas and Coroplastic Workshops, especially from the Athenian Agora and Abdera



Adi Erlich
(ACoSt Executive Committee)

University of Haifa aerlich@research.haifa.ac.il Terracottas from Israel and the Levant
Eleonore Favier

Université Lyon II

eleonore.favier@hotmail.fr Greek terracottas
Sophie Feret

Université de Montpellier

sofiferet@gmail.com Hellenistic terracottas of central Italy
Michael Anthony Fowler Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History at East Tennessee State University maf2209@columbia.edu Terracottas in ritual
David Frankfurter Boston University dtmf@bu.edu Terracotta figurines in Roman and Christian Egypt
Frances Gallart-Marques Cornell University fg29@cornell.edu Terracottas of Sardis
Vassiliki Georgaka Greek Ministry of Culture-First Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Studies vgeorgaka@culture.gr Archaic Attic terracottas
Frauke Gutschke Germany fraukegutschke@web.de Jointed dolls
Isabelle Hasselin Rous Musée du Louvre isabelle.hasselin@louvre.fr

Terracottas of Smyrna

Keely Heuer

State University of New York, New Paltz heuerk@newpaltz.edu Iconography of terracottas in pre-Roman Italy (Etruria, Magna Graecia, and Sicily)
Sanne Hoffmann National Museum of Denmark bukrania@gmail.com Greek terracottas
Regine Hunziker-Rodewald University of Strasbourg regine.hunziker@orange.fr Iron Age figurines from Jordan
Stéphanie Huysecom-Haxhi
(ACoSt Vice-President)
Université SHS-Lille 3 stephanie.huysecom-haxhi@univ-lille3.fr Terracottas from Thasos (Greece), from Dürres (Albania)

Maria Adele Ibba Università degli Studi di Cagliari m.adeleibba@gmail.com Terracottas from Cagliari (Sardinia), terracottas from Iasos (Turkey) 
Stylianos Ieremias Oxford University stelios_ieremias@hotmail.com Hellenistic Terracottas from Demetrias
Violaine Jeammet Musée du Louvre Violaine.Jeammet@louvre.fr Greek terracottas
Sven Kielau
(ACoSt Executive Committee)
Independent researcher sven_kielau@yahoo.de Hellenistic terracottas of Asia Minor
Raz Kletter Israel kletterr@gmail.com Bronze and Iron Age terracottas of the Near East
Sonia Klinger University of Haifa klinger@research.haifa.ac.il Terracottas of Corinth (Greece), Roman terracottas of Israel
Nadia B. Knudsen  United Kingdom ganchat3@hotmail.com Early Bronze Age zoomorphic figurines from the Levant
Yannos Kourayos Director of the excavations at Despotiko (Greece) kourayos@hotmail.com Aegean coroplastics


Mireia López-Bertran University of Glasgow mireia_lopez@hotmail.com Phoenician and Punic figurines in the western Mediterranean


Pauline Maillard École suisse d'archéologie en Grèce Pauline.Maillard@unil.ch Cypriot terracottas from the classical period ; Euboean terracotta production (Eretria and Amarynthos, all periods)
Christina Marangou Greece chrmarangou@yahoo.gr  Mainly prehistoric terracottas of Greece and neighboring regions
Alexandre G. Mitchell Institute of Archaeology, Oxford info@expressum.eu Greco-Roman terracotta figurines, particularly caricature and pathological grotesques
Christine Morris Trinity College Dublin cmorris@tcd.ie Aegean Bronze Age terracotta figurines, especially from Minoan peak sanctuaries
Belisa Muka Institute of Archaeology, Butrint, Albania b_muka@yahoo.com Terracottas from Illyria and Epirus (Albania)
Arthur Muller Université Charles-de-Gaulle-Lille 3 arthur.muller@univ-lille3.fr Greek and Albania terracottas
Marion Muller-Dufeu Université Charles-de-Gaulle-Lille 3 mmullerdufeu@sfr.fr Greek and Albania terracottas
Celine Murphy The Heritage Management Organization celine.s.murphy@gmail.com Cretan figurines (Minoan, Classical, Hellenistic); experimental archaeology; material analyses; methodological studies

Giorgos Papantoniou Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
papantog@tcd.ie Archaic to Roman terracottas from Cyprus
Antonella Pautasso (ACoSt Executive Committee) Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto per i Beni Archeologici e Monumentali, Catania Pautasso@unict.it Terracottas of Sicily
Andrée Pedinielli Université de Provence andrea.pdni@gmail.com Polychromie et dorure sur la coroplastie phénico-punique ; Statuettes et terres cuites puniques de Carthage-Byrsa (Tunisie); Statuettes puniques carthaginoises
Oliver Pilz Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz opilz@uni-mainz.de Geometric and Archaic terracottas from Crete
Luana Poma Italy luanapo2@hotmail.com Phoenician-punic terracottas; archaic and classical greek terracottas
Serena Raffiotta Italy serenaraffiotta@gmail.com Terracottas of Sicily
Magali Ramon Ribaud Université de Montpellier magali.ramon.ribaud@wanadoo.fr Greek terracottas and their relation to ceramics
Laura Rohaut Archéologie des Sociétés Méditerranéenne (ASM), University of Montpellier laura.rohaut@gmail.com Terracotta figurines of the Phocaean colonies in the West, handmodeled figurines


Gina Salapata
(ACoSt Secretary)
Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand g.salapata@massey.ac.nz Terracotta plaques from Laconia (Greece)

Sven Schipporeit

Universität Wien svent.schipporeit@gmail.com Greek terracottas and ritual in the Classical and Hellenistic periods

Nancy Serwint

Arizone State University, Tempe nancy.serwint@asu.edu

Terracottas of Marion (Cyprus)

Maria Spathi Society of Messenian Archaeological Studies maria.spathi@hotmail.com Greek Terracottas


Zetta Theodoropoulou-Polychroniadis Chair, Greek Archaeological Committee UK zetta.theodoropoulou@gmail.com Coroplastic research interests:archaic and classical figurines, plaques, pottery, with a specific interest in coastal sanctuaries

Paz Valiente
University of Nottingham pazramirezval@gmail.com Ancient trade and commerce
Jaimee Uhlenbrock
(ACoSt President)
State Unversity of New York, New Paltz uhlenbrj@newpaltz.edu Greek terracottas of Libya and Sicily


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